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About us

Rochdale Society Pioneers 1865 photograph

The NPP is support programme originally set up to support residents in Lower Falinge and College Bank to increase employment and career progression. It starts from the basis that many residents are willing and able to work more and aspire to better jobs, but are stuck in a situation of underemployment, dependent on government benefits through a range of circumstances.

The programme is aimed at working-age adults who are either working part-time already or out of work on employment and support allowance or carer's allowance.

New Pioneers can expect to receive support from our Career Brokers,providing them with flexible, personalized, intensive support to improve their wellbeing, health and skills, helping them to find and achieve their long term aspirations. They will receive 1-1 support and mentoring as well as becoming part of a growing New Pioneer community, building community cohesion, resilience as well as a peer network supporting each other.

Due to its success, the Rochdale New Pioneers Programme is officially expanding to work with more residents in Lower Falinge, College Bank, and Heywood. Supported by a grant from the Government's Community Renewal Fund, the Programme will support 90 people over the coming months, expanding our New Pioneer community in College Bank and Falinge and building a New Pioneer community in Heywood.

Rochdale Pioneers

Rochdale Society Pioneers 1865 photograph

In 1844 a group of 28 artisans working in the cotton mills in this town of Rochdale, established the first modern cooperative business, the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society, also known as the Rochdale Pioneers.

They are regarded as the prototype of the modern cooperative society and founders of the cooperative movement. The weavers in these cotton mills in Rochdale faced miserable working conditions and low wages, and they could not afford the high prices of food and household goods. They decided that by pooling their scarce resources and working together they could access basic goods at a lower price. Initially, there were only four items for sale: flour, oatmeal, sugar, and butter.

The Pioneers decided it was time shoppers were treated with honesty, openness, and respect, that they should be able to share in the profits that their custom contributed to, and that they should have a democratic right to have a say in the business. Every customer of the shop became a member and so had a true stake in the business. At first, the cooperative was open for only two nights a week, but within three months, the business had grown so much that it was open five days a week.

Meet the team

We're a growing team of career brokers experts, led by Daisy Silva, willing to guide you to find the best of yourself.

Project Manager
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What's On

This area of the website is dedicated to keep all residents of the Rochdale Council informed about local jobs, trainings and events. If you prefer to receive all this informations in your email inbox, please drop a message to Sharon Dunn ([email protected]) and ask her to subscribe for the monthly newsletter.


We can help you gain the skills and confidence to find work or progress in your career in the future. During the year, we offer several type of trainings which can make the difference to reach your 'dream job'. Click on the button below to look at our trainings.


Break the impossible's barrier and give yourself a chance to get a job.
Our dedicated careers brokers are willing to provide intensive and personalised support to guide participants in investing in themselves and building networks of support and opportunities. In or out of the NPP, you can always browser the job vacancies in the neighborhood.

Plenty of vacancies are published in the Get Rochdale Working page on Facebook, created by Rochdale Borough Council. Click on the Facebook logo and check this out

Also, we keep a weekly updated list with several vacancies. Click on the button below to download it.


Stay tuned for events happening in our neighborhood, especially those focused on jobs, social care, health, wellbeing and training.

You can always contact us to get more details

Health and Social Care Recruitment Event

20th July 2023
Middleton Arena Lance Corporal Joel Halliwell VC Way Middleton M24 1AG

9am to 3pm
Click here for more information

Construction Employment Course

Starts on 3rd July 2023 (Monday to Thursday)
Ends on 3rd August 2023
(5 weeks total)
Groundwork - Hamer Vale Unit 4, Buckley Road, Rochdale, OL12 9BF.

10am to 4pm
To book you in, send an email to [email protected]
Click here for more information

FREE Adults Arabic Language Classes for Beginners

Every Monday
Spotland Community Centre - OL12 6PJ

6pm - 7pm
Click here for more information


Feelings of wellbeing are fundamental to the overall health of an individual, enabling them to successfully overcome difficulties and achieve what they want out of life.

At New Pioneers Project we recognise that wellbeing is influenced by many factors, and that physical and mental health and wellbeing are all interconnected. Therefore we will always try to offer something that helps your mental health.

Please see below our activities available:


Rochdale Wednesdays
Spotland Community Centre, Rohdale - OL12 6PJ

6 - 7pm

Heywood Mondays
Heady Hill Community Centre, Rohdale - OL10 3JG
6 - 7pm

More info: [email protected]
Click here for more information


Spotland Community Centre, Rohdale - OL12 6PJ

10am - 12noon
Click here for more information


Monday and Tuesdays
Spotland Community Centre, Rohdale - OL12 6PJ

10am - 12noon
The living room is open to anyone in the community, as a safe space to come chat and have a brew and a biscuit or two.
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Click here to see the news about our Jubilee celebrations

Family Easter Festival 2022

Amazing pictures from our Easter festival which took place at the Crown Oil Arena on the 14th April


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